Alexander V. Knyazev

Lobachevsky University, Russia




Professor of the Lobachevsky University, Dean of the Chemical Faculty. Head of the postgraduate research school “New materials based on inorganic compounds.” He graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry, Lobachevsky University (1998) and PhD (2000), Doctor of Chemistry (2009), academic rank of professor (2011).

Author of more than 200 articles in national and international academic journals, three chapters in books and three textbooks. H-index 11 (Web of Science for the period April 2017). Deputy Chairman of the Conference RCCT-2015. 7 post-graduate students defended their Ph.D. theses.

Research interests

  • Crystal chemistry
  • Chemical thermodynamics Inorganic and organic compounds
  • Radiochemistry

Chapters in books

  1. Thorium: Chemical Properties, Uses and Environmental Effects. Глава: Knyazev A.V., Manyakina M.E. Thermophysical and Thermodynamic Properties of Oxygen-containing Compounds of Thorium. Издательство: New York. Nova Science Publishers. 2014.[5]
  2. Apatite: Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Biomedical Applications. Глава: Bulanov Е.N., Knyazev A.V. High-temperature in situ XRD Investigations of Apatites. Structural Interpretation of Thermal Deformations. Издательство: New York. Nova Science Publishers. 2014.
  3. Uranium: Sources, Exposure and Environmental Effects. Глава: Knyazev A.V., Manyakina M.E. Thermodynamic properties of uranium minerals. Издательство: New York. Nova Science Publishers. 2015.

Main publications

  1. Bulanov E.N., Wang J., Knyazev A.V., White T., Manyakina M.E., Baikie T., Lapshin A.N., Dong Z. Structure and thermal expansion of calcium-thorium apatite. // Inorganic Chemistry. 2015. V.54. Р. 11356-11361.
  2. Knyazev A.V., Letyanina I.A., Plesovskikh A.S., Smirnova N.N., Knyazeva S.S. Thermodynamic properties of vitamin B2. // Thermochimica Acta. 2014. V.575. P.12-16.
  3. Knyazev A.V., Smirnova N.N., Plesovskikh A.S., Shushunov A.N., Knyazeva S.S. Low-temperature heat capacity and thermodynamic functions of vitamin B12. // Thermochimica Acta. 2014. V.582. P.35-39.
  4. Knyazev A.V., Smirnova N.N., Mączka M., Hermanowicz K., Knyazeva S.S., Letyanina I.A., Lelet M.I. Thermodynamic and spectroscopic properties of Co7/3Sb2/3O4. // Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics. 2014. V. 74. P. 201—208.
  5. Knyazev A.V., Smirnova N.N., Manyakina M.E., Shushunov A.N. Low-temperature heat capacity and thermodynamic functions of KTh2(PO4)3. // Thermochimica Acta. 2014. V.584. P.67-71.
  6. Knyazev A.V., Chernorukov N.G., Letyanina I.A., Zakharova Yu. A., Ladenkov I.V. Crystal structure and thermodynamic properties of dipotassium diiron(III) hexatitanium oxide. // Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. 2013. V.112. P.991-996.
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  9. Salomatina E.V., Bit’urin N.M., Gulenova M.V., Gracheva T.A., Drozdov M.N., Knyazev A.V., Kir’yanov K.V., Markin A.V., Smirnova L.A. Synthesis, structure, and properties of organic-inorganic (co)polymers containing poly(titanium oxide). // Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 2013. V. 1. P. 6375 — 6385.
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