Solid-state photochemistry as grounds of photolithography technologies

Sergei V. Zelentsov, Vadim I. Lebedev, Sergei D. Plekhovich,
Dmitry V. Ovsianikov, Dmitry A. Fomichev


Lobachevsky University in Nizhny Novgorod*
Chemical Dep., Nizhnii Novgorod State University, Gagarin Ave., 23, Nizhnii Novgorod, 603950, Russia


Volume 1, December 2017, Pages 2-13

Received 18 December 2017, Revised 24 April 2018, Accepted 25 April 2018, Available online 26 April 2018.


The brief review is devoted to the explosively-developing branch o f the chemistry – the solid-state photochemistry. It contains three main parts: the photochemistry in the crystalline state, the photochemistry in the polymer and glass-like matrices, the solid-state photochemistry as a basis for photolithography science.


solid-state photochemistry, topological principle, crystalline packing, reaction cavity, free volume, hydrogen bond, photosensitive inhibitors o f the polymer dissolution.