Special issue “Thermodynamic and Thermo-physical Properties of Solids”

Peer-reviewed scientific journal “Applied Solid State Chemistry” (ISSN 2619-0141, indexed in RSCI, Google Scholar) invites to submit articles to special issue “Thermodynamic and Thermo-physical Properties of Solids”.  Both Research and Review papers are welcome for possible publication in this issue.

This special issue is being edited by:

D.Sc. Konstantin Gavrichev
Head of the Laboratory of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Moscow, Russia

Potential topics will include (but are not limeted by):

  • study of thermodynamic functions of inorganic and organic compounds and materials;
  • study of the nature of the phase transformations found in the study of heat capacity and thermal behavior;
  • study of phase equilibria involving solids;
  • identification of the regularities of the changes in the thermodynamic properties of inorganic and organic compounds, depending on changes in structure and composition;
  • theoretical modelling and experimental study of phase diagrams;
  • study of the kinetics of processes involving solids;
  • investigation of the catalytic properties of inorganic and organic solids.

Publication is free for authors! The articles are accepted in English and Russian (with subsequent translation into English by the editorial staff).

All submissions will undergo anonymous review to guarantee high scientific quality and relevance to the subject. The Special Issue will be published in December of 2018, which means that we will need your manuscript by October 1st, 2018.

You may submit your paper by e-mail at appsschem@gmail.com. Please specify the title of the special issue (Thermodynamic and Thermo-physical Properties of Solids) in the subject.

Please feel free to disseminate this announcement to any colleagues who might be interested. More information you may find on our web-site http://appssc.me/

Volume 2 (2018)

Volume 2 (2018)

Dragan Govedarica, Novica Sovtić, Oskar Bera, Predrag Kojić, Olga Govedarica, Mirjana Jovičić,
Jelena Pavličević
DOI : 0.18572/2619-0141-2018-1-2-2-6

P.V. Korolev, A.V. Knyazev, A.V. Korolev
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2018-1-2-7-17

S.S. Balabanov, D.D. Kuznetsov, D.A. Permin
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2018-1-2-18-22

E.N. Bulanov, M.S. Boldin, A.V. Knyazev, E.A. Lantzev, A.S.Dmitrienko
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2018-1-2-23-28

A.V. Piskunov, A.V. Maleeva, O.Yu. Trofimova, N.O. Druzhkov, G.K. Fukin
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2018-1-2-29-36

N.N. Smirnova, A.V. Markin, P.D. Afonin, M.A. Afanasyev, Z.B. Shifrin, E.Yu. Yuzik-Klimova
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2018-1-2-37-42

G.K. Fukin, E.V. Baranov, A.V. Cherkasov, M.A. Samsonov, R.V. Rumyantcev
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2018-1-2-43-50

A.S. Shipilova, A.V. Knyazev, E.V. Gusarova, A.A. Amosov, S.S. Knyazeva
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2018-1-2-51-56

Volume 1 (2017)

Volume 1 (2017)

S.V. Zelentsov, V.I. Lebedev, S.D. Plekhovich, D.V. Ovsianikov, D.A. Fomichev
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2017-1-1-2-13

A.V. Dolganov, O.Y. Chernyaeva, E.N. Lyutova , V.M. Kyashkin, K.N. Nishchev
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2017-1-1-14-19

V.N. Emel’yanenko, V.V. Turovtsev, Yu.A. Fedina
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2017-1-1-20-25

V.L. Stolyarova
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2017-1-1-26-30

P.E. Goryunova, A.V. Markin, N.N. Smirnova, L.A. Smirnova, S.D. Zaitsev
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2017-1-1-31-34

I. Zvereva, R. Kremnev, V. Sirotov, I. Rodríguez-Iznaga, M.-A. Hernández, V. Petranovskii
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2017-1-1-35-41

E.N. Bulanov, A.V. Knyazev, M.I. Lelet
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2017-1-1-42-47

D.V. Pushkin, K.V. Nastenko, M.O. Karasev
DOI : 10.18572/2619-0141-2017-1-1-48-56

Solid-state photochemistry as grounds of photolithography technologies

Sergei V. Zelentsov, Vadim I. Lebedev, Sergei D. Plekhovich,
Dmitry V. Ovsianikov, Dmitry A. Fomichev


Lobachevsky University in Nizhny Novgorod*
Chemical Dep., Nizhnii Novgorod State University, Gagarin Ave., 23, Nizhnii Novgorod, 603950, Russia

E-mail: zelentsov@chem.unn.ru

Volume 1, December 2017, Pages 2-13


Received 18 December 2017, Revised 24 April 2018, Accepted 25 April 2018, Available online 26 April 2018.


The brief review is devoted to the explosively-developing branch o f the chemistry – the solid-state photochemistry. It contains three main parts: the photochemistry in the crystalline state, the photochemistry in the polymer and glass-like matrices, the solid-state photochemistry as a basis for photolithography science.


solid-state photochemistry, topological principle, crystalline packing, reaction cavity, free volume, hydrogen bond, photosensitive inhibitors o f the polymer dissolution.